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The Automated League Standings Service provides an automated standings system and allows leagues and teams to enter and view their schedules and scores.  For any level of football.

Service Overview

The automated League Standings Service allows a league to enter their game scores for a specific week, and then have the online standings updated with the click of a single button.

This service includes a complete schedule management interface and an interface for individual teams to enter their game scores, based on that schedule.  Each week, the league administrator checks the score reporting page to see if all of the teams have reported their scores.  Then, they review the scores, and then click a single 'Update Standings' button to have the standings automatically updated in the format shown below.  The standings are then updated on all pages that show then, whether it's on the league website or any of the team websites.

For anyone that has had to do this manually for their league, they will know exactly how much time and headache that this will save them.

* The standings above are the live standings from the ECFA (East Coast Football Alliance - Minor League Football) for 2009. The IFRAME shown above is displayed on the ECFA Website at https://www.ecfafootball.com and can be displayed on any team or other Websites as well. When the League Administrator updates the standings each week of the season, they are automatically updated on every website that displays them, including on this product information page.

For a good example, see the following pages where this service is currently implemented and running :


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