PCFL 2021 to start March 27

After missing the entire 2020 season, like most other sports leagues, the PCFL is back in action in 2021 with 6 teams. There is one 6 team division and each team plays each team twice for a 10 game regular season that kick's off on March 27 with 3 games. For details, please see the 2021 PCFL Schedule page.

The PCFL 2021 player registration is now open. Click the link on the top right of the website to register for 2021.

The PCFL has the following 2021 lineup:

  • Cal State Stampede
  • Capital City Fury
  • NorCal Lions
  • North Bay Rattlers
  • North State Girzzlies
  • San Jose Stars

The North Bay Rattlers edged the Norcal Lions 44-42 in wild championship game. This was the most exciting football game of the year in any league. Both teams trailed by 12 twice. The Lions were down 12-0 and 18-6 in the first quarter, and the Rattlers trailed 36-24 in the third quarter and 42-30 in the 4th quarter. Each team answered blow by blow all game long. The score was Lions 20 - Rattlers 18 at halftime, after the Lions had come back from trailing 18-6 in the first quarter.

The game did of course go down to the last play where the Lions ran a wide receiver pass that was thrown into the endzone and fell to the ground, ending the game with 00:00 on the clock.

The game was wild and exciting and was filled with long plays and big hits. Neither team deserved to lose, and the Norcal Lions left everything they had on the field. There were several long touchdowns, amazing catches, strange bounces, horrible timing turnovers, and an extra point play that was run 5 times and then was finally successful for the Lions in the 3rd quarter.