April 06, 2021:

Chevy's Picks! Week 12



West Coast Soldiers (6-2) @ River City Commandos (7-1)

WCS +3.5 RCC -3.5

O/U 50 H1 O/U 25

Solo 26.5 23

Hot Tip: This is obviously the biggest and most anticipated game on the weekend slate we have two powerhouse teams facing off late in the season. The WCS last game played they had to pull away from the Tarheels late in the 4th qtr in a game that i thought would be one sided but nonetheless the games still have to be played. The last 2 games played by the Soldiers haven’t been there best football a scare from the Pirates and a tough game with the Tarheels I’m not saying the WCS are super vulnerable here but they need to play better on defense the offense is consistent enough to score at will the defense just has to improve as playoffs are approaching. RCC had a NC in there game this past weekend as there scheduled to travel to take on the Reigning champs the Glads. The whole semi pro world really wanted that game to happen but due to uncontrollable situations we’ll just have to wait for a possible playoff match up as both teams will probably be the number one and number two seed in the Federation conference this post season. Commandos are on a stellar run winning three straight games all by 30+ points and all shut outs. RCC is 3-1 at home this season and WCS are 3-1 on the road so somethings got to give here both teams have a point to prove and they might meet again in the playoffs so a lot is at stake. 

CB Pick: Commandos 32-28


South Florida Wolverines (8-1) @ Broward Bulldogs (1-7)

SFW -17.5 Bulldogs +17.5

O/U 40 H1 O/U 20

Solo 27.5 12

Hot Tip: The Wolverines just won their 4 straight game in a 6pt win over the DC Raiders. Wolverines controlled the game majority of the contest going on to half time 17-0 then giving up 2 straight scoring drives before a late TD put the Raiders away. Last time the Wolverines and Bulldogs met the score was 18-0 a very boring slow game the Wolverines ran and ran and guess what on 3rd down they ran. Wasn’t the prettiest wins but sometimes you need the ugly ones? The wheels have officially fallen off for the Bulldogs and things might get worse. The young stingrays beat them down dropping 50 and sending them home regretful for being unprepared, and personally that’s what i see when i watch the Bulldogs a lack of game plan or even plan off attack it’s more like wildcat offense and get in where you fit in on defense this is why there probably 1-7 about to be 1-8 unless make a change from top to bottom. This one might get uglier early or ugly late either way this one going to be ugly take the gang and the points. 

CB Pick: Wolverines 44-12


SE Reapers (4-5) @ South Florida Chargers (3-5)

Reapers +8 Chargers -8

O/U 44 H1 O/U 22

Solo 18 26

Hot Tip: These teams met back in week five with the Chargers winning 26 to 18 a very competitive game that the reaper is lead early but just could not hold onto the lead going into the second half. It was a lot of turnover is committed by both teams as defensive back K. Ware had two defensive touchdowns two really big plays as the reapers offense could not keep the ball long enough to even have a consistent scoring drive. Like I’ve always said bad DB play late in games had plagued the reapers for year’s charger WR D. Harris scored the game clinched TD late in the 4th to seal the win. The best thing for the reapers would’ve happened a forfeit win to them alive and in good position record wise. But Joe’s a chance for get back and after two back to back blowout loses i expect the charger to try and fix things on a team they already beat but at the same time struggled with. Chargers have a slight edge here simply because their home and need a win badly. 

CB Pick: Chargers 26-20


Florida Stingrays (1-7) @ Magic City Bulls (8-1)

Stingrays +17.5 MCB -17.5

O/U 46.5 H1 O/U 23.5

13 33.5

Hot Tip: Stingrays shocked the semi pro world this past weekend not only because they got their first win it’s because they got their first 50 ball in a long time after it’s been long awaited. They routed the Bulldogs and finally showed the full potential of the potent spread offense ran by QB K. Frost and Head Coach Y. Smith. But they are about to face the same defense that held them to 0 back in February I doubt this game will probably be shut out For them on offense again but they have held the bulls to a season low 6 back in their 1st match up. MCB took out there frustrations on the Chargers by destroying them in a 40pt win. The dreams of going undefeated are now shattered back to the ship is the 1st and foremost goal which is somewhere the bulls haven’t been for the last 3 seasons with the way they just played last weekend with a couple key starters out that mission to back seems possible but now they have to show us that the 6-0 win 2 months ago was just early season jitters or the stingrays have a game plan to slow them down. This game won’t end 6-0 i know that for a fact. 

CB Pick: Bulls 44-21


Dade County Raiders (4-4) @ Miami Chiefs (5-4)

Raiders +7 Chiefs -7

O/U 41 H1 O/U 20.5

Solo 19.5 21.5

Hot Tip: DC Raiders lost a game they had to try to build a comeback which they almost capped off but late 4th quarter TO kill all the comeback kids’ dreams. The Raiders obviously play their best football when playing from behind which isn’t the most common and best approach but hell it’s works so why not. In their first match up against the chiefs they lost a one possession game that came down to who had the ball last. Both teams have different starting QBs this go round so it’s safe to say we might have a different outcome. Raiders WR’s J. Shannon aka Rooster and M. Lyons aka Redd have been amazing for QB B. Sims the Chiefs have the athlete to contain them but can they stop both at same time. Chief’s defense suffocated the Raiders offense back in week 3 if they can do the same this game they can get a season sweep on the Raiders. 

CB Pick: Chiefs 23-20


Duval Raiders (3-5) @ Southwest Florida Gladiators (8-0)

Raiders +17.5 Glads -17.5

O/U 48.0 H1 O/U 24.0

Solo 12 36

Hot Tip: The Duval Raiders pulled off the biggest upset in the north since RCC went down to the Pirates. They’ve won two straight and are back into playoffs i wondered what happened to the Raiders from the begging of the season who played real defense and forced a lot of turnovers then boom a shut out win in a game no one saw them winning. This matchup will be the hardest of the season just as soon as the win streak started its about to end on the road by the Glad’s the question by how many points though. The Glad’s okay there last game at home win and despite the NC ruling of the RCC game last week will end the season undefeated playing on the field unless they take the hungry Raiders lightly. I doubt they sit a lot of starters due to the ole injury risk factor but if they do they should still be able to beat the Raiders by two scores or better. The glad’s offense was rolling until The NC game averaging 29pts a game this one could get out of hand early or we could see the biggest upset in the FFA in a very long time. 

CB Pick: Gladiators 35-8


Port Orange Stallions (0-9) @ Dunedin Pirates (4-4)

Stallions +17.5 Pirates -17.5

O/U 36 H1 O/U 18

Solo 9.5 26

Hot Tip: not really much to say here we have a team that’s red hot and we have a team that’s ice cold the Pirates of done something that they haven’t been able to do all season and that’s win games consecutively as they have now won 2 straight most likely going to be three as they’re playing the lifeless Stallions who looked competitive for the 1st two weeks of March but ever since losing to RCC 34-0 and then a forfeit loss to the grizzlies I don’t see them giving the Pirates here any chance of an upset. 0-10 is an organizations worse nightmare during semi pro but at least they haven’t folded I must admit they players have more heart than given credit for but it’s no award for sympathy in football for bad play. You have to recruits practice study and execute I’m not sure the stallions have enough to get their 1st win here. 

CB Pick: Pirates‍ 30-8


Tri County Steelers (2-7) @ Space Coast Tarheels (3-5)

Steelers +8 Tarheels -8

O/U 40 H1 O/U 20 

Solo 17 23

Hot Tip: This is the Steelers last chance to have any chance of seeing the playoffs they’ve have a bad 1st year in the FFA and have been rumored to be going to the UFL come seasons end but rumors are rumors and we’ll leave them as that, but the facts are the Steelers are playing horrible they’ve now lost 3 straight and are 1-6 in their last 5 games played. They played the Tarheels in week one which was a 7pt loss but both teams have went oppose ways since they Tarheels have been up and down and Steers just all the way down and crashing and burning a win here would make things interesting in the Federation comfy but the way the Tarheels have been sliding i doubt they’ll play any worse. There on a current 4 game losing streak and need a win bad before there on the outside looking in come playoff time. 

CB Pick: Tarheels 28-18 










CHEY'S PICKS RESULTS FOR WEEK 11 (3 OUT OF 5) 2 games were forfeited