January 2, 2021:


The beginning of a New Amateur Adult Football League is taking place and though the name may be different, some similar team names you might be familiar with are back in the fold.

Football Federation Alliance (FFA 2.0) brings some of the most competitive minor league football in the southeastern United States, with former league champions like the Southwest Florida Gladiators, Miami ‘Magic City’ Bulls, Miami Chiefs, Golden Isles Grizzlies, River City Commandos, Tri-County Steelers and Florida Stingrays. The rest of the league is comprised of the Port Orange Stallions, Duval Raiders, West Coast Soldiers, Space Coast Tar Heels, Dunedin Pirates, Broward Bulldogs, South Florida Chargers, Southeast Florida Reapers, South Florida Wolverines and the Dade County Raiders.

FFA 2.0 will head into this year with 17 teams and mostly every organization has made a playoff run in their history of operation and this upcoming campaign looks to be one of the toughest ones to date. With the ongoing pandemic that is going on around the country, the league’s resolve will be tested but owners throughout FFA 2.0 have been preparing, practicing, and getting themselves ready for what should be an interesting season.

The league’s front office is one of the most experienced around, with Anthony ‘Cheez’ Smith at the helm and a host of volunteer assistants who have a combined amount of over 100 years of minor league football experience. Everything kicks off on January 23rd, 2021 (subject to change due to the pandemic), check out FFA 2.0, as we look to take minor league football to another level moving forward!