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"Committed to developing excellence in individual and team performance through a consistent and comprehensive approach to player and team development. Our team seeks to offer a challenging, competitive and educational program that emphasizes the importance of community, honesty, integrity and other 'life lessons/values' through women's tackle football."

The Columbus Vanguards are dedicated to promoting and enhancing not only the game of women's tackle football to our fans, neighbors and businesses, but building the structure of our team, community and our family, based on the same values as our community business leaders. We want to tackle diversity and inclusiveness through the bonding of sports, by holding ourselves to be One of Unity, collaboration and the willingness to help others. The Vanguards will be known as members and contributors of the community as we take the lead and inspire others to give back to the people of Columbus. We will dedicate our time by having "Community Days", which include city streets and park clean up, volunteer work with youth and other non-profit organizations. We want to make a difference in the view of women playing contact sports, while making a difference in our community.


To be a part of a
community, you must
first be involved
in the community.