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Come join the Junior Bradenton Gladiators and become a part of a winning legacy...

The Bradenton Gladiators identified a need in the community to develop a program that teaches important life lessons and fosters strong character development through sports.  We created a system that focuses on teaching proper fundamentals and techniques, encourages players to develop new skills, self-confidence, coordination and game play; introduces the concept of sportsmanship, and the importance of education and fitness. As each player progresses in this program, they will have the ability to apply what they learned both on and off the field.

The Junior Gladiators Football program will play their games at Lincoln Park (Palmetto, FL),  Manatee Police Athletic League (PAL),  and Lakewood Ranch YMCA.


 General Details:

  • Regular season games are all played at Manatee PAL located at 202 13th Avenue, Bradenton, FL 34208, Lakewood Ranch YMCA located at 5100 Lakewood Ranch Blvd,  Bradenton, FL 34211 or Lincoln Park located at 715 17th Street East, Palmetto, FL 34221
  • The Gladiators will serve participants ages 5-14 years old 
  • Age eligibility will be determined based on a July 31st cut-off date
  • There are no weight restrictions for any Division
  • Flag Team roster will be limited to 16 players and the tackle rosters will be limited to 25 players to ensure ample playing time for all participants

The cost is $125 for Flag and $200 for tackle and cheerleading. This includes a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee.   All fees are due at registration.

Space is limited so please contact us via email at gladiators@tampabay.rr.com or by phone at 941-320-7576 to ensure that rosters are not full.



AYF National Championship

Mighty Mite (10U) - 2018  AYF National Champions 


AYF Southeast Regional Championship

Mighty Mite (10U) Champions (AYFSE) -2018

Cheerleading (10U) Champions (AYFSE) -2018

Cheerleading (8U) Champions (AYFSE) -2018

Junior Varsity (12U) 3rd Place (AYFSE) - 2018

Tiny Mite (8U) 3rd Place (AYFSE) - 2018


League Champions (YFL)

Junior Varsity (12U) Champions (YFL) - 2018

Mighty Mite (10U) Champions (YFL) -2018

Tiny Mite (8U) Champions (YFL) – 2018


Division Champions (YFL)

Junior Varsity (12U) Divisional Champions (YFL) - 2018

Mighty Mite (10U) Divisional Champions (YFL) – 2018

Tiny Mite (8U) Divisional Champions (YFL) – 2018

Flag (6U) Divisional Champions (YFL) – 2018


Undefeated Regular Season

Junior Varsity (12U) Division (YFL) - 2018

Mighty Mite (10U) Division (YFL) – 2018

Flag (6U) Division (YFL) – 2018


Regular Season Overall Football Record (All Divisions)

Games :   Junior Gladiators 39 - Opponents 4 (91% Winning Record)

Points :    Junior Gladiators 987 - Opponents 200 


The Bradenton Gladiators, Inc. is a federal non-profit 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization that is more than just football.  It is a community based organization that is constantly growing its roots in the community. The Bradenton Gladiators football program has received numerous awards for operational excellence and is considered one of the top sports programs in the State of Florida.    For additional information contact us by phone at (941) 320-7576, via email at gladiators@tampabay.rr.com or visit our website at www.bradentongladiators.org or www.bradentongladiators.com.